Spring Rain

by Ben David Trigg

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Rejoice, my soul, in the Lord your God Again I say, rejoice Now and always and evermore Rejoice! Let your gentleness be known Shining all around Let your life show that God is near To us! And the peace of God Beyond understanding Will guard your heart and mind And the God of peace Himself will be with you The Lord Jesus Christ Don’t be anxious, don’t be afraid Just pray in everything With thanksgiving for all he’s done For us! And the peace . . . Whatever is true, whatever is lovely Whatever is pure, whatever is good If it’s excellent and worthy of praise Let it fill your mind For Jesus is true, and Jesus is lovely Jesus is pure, Jesus is good Yes he’s excellent and worthy of praise Come on and lift him high
To God be the glory, great things he has done So loved he the world that he gave us his son Who yielded his life an atonement for sin And opened the life-gate that all may go in Praise the Lord, praise the Lord! Let the earth hear his voice Praise the Lord, praise the Lord! Let the people rejoice O come to the Father through Jesus the Son And give him the glory, great things he has done O perfect redemption, the purchase of blood To every believer, the promise of God The vilest offender who truly believes That moment from Jesus a pardon receives Great things he has taught us, great things he has done And great our rejoicing through Jesus the Son But purer and higher and greater will be Our wonder, our worship, when Jesus we see
Father, Spirit, Son God the three-in-one Love that flows full and free Gracefully he comes Fills our hearts with songs Drawing us into eternity In the dance of love In the rhythms of grace To the beat of his heart He’s drawing us into the dance of love In the rhythms of grace To the beat of his heart Come join the dance Holy church of God May this perfect love In our lives be displayed Gracefully to live Joyfully to give Come and beautify his holy name In the dance of love . . . All praise to the Father All praise to the Son And glory to the Spirit God the three-in-one
Waiting on this mountaintop Waiting here to meet you, God Where I’ve run in my own strength Come undone and reached the end Now I wait Through the fire that rages on Through the shaking and the storm Where the air is burnt with fear Lord of mercy, are you near? Here I wait Still small voice, speak to me Breath of God, breathe on me Living word, live in me Today Though the trials of life press in Strife without and fears within Still my soul finds rest in God In the quiet of his love I will wait Here I wait Still small voice… (x2) Here I wait for you Open wide to you I believe in you Today [repeat bridge with chorus underneath] Still small voice…
The night is clear, the light of stars sings in the air They have drawn us here tonight To a home, a humble place, where cattle hide To a gentle candle-light Come inside, all are welcome in this place Shepherds, travellers and kings See the child cradled in his mother’s arms Hear the ancient words she sings A child is born And his name is Prince of Peace A son is given And his reign shall never cease Hear his name, this is Jesus, God-with-us He will take away our fears This is he whom the prophets long foretold And the hope of all the years So come and bow, bring an offering to him Who became so weak and small For this child, by the promises of God Is the Saviour of us all A child is born . . . So tell the world, bring the tidings of great joy Peace to all who live on earth Sing his praise, glory be to God on high Celebrate our Saviour’s birth
When healing hands were wounded A faithful man betrayed When arms of love stretched wide, we turned away A carpenter was nailed Upon a wooden cross And on a hill was high and lifted up High and lifted up A window on the bloodshed That soaks our history Our hatred vented on humanity Our sin against the holy Displayed for all to see We left him cursed and hanging on a tree High and lifted up, high and lifted up See our God, high and lifted up When healing hands were wounded All our wounds were healed For he himself has carried every ill Has entered all our suffering And borne away the pain His life laid down that we may live again Forgiven for our bloodshed Delivered from the curse Behold what grace so free, so undeserved A window on a new world Where love and mercy reign And all our grief and sin is washed away High and lifted up, high and lifted up See our God, high and lifted up Enthroned upon a cross, mercy there for us See our God, high and lifted up High and lifted up, high and lifted up
What can wash away my sin? (Nothing but the blood of Jesus) What can make me whole again (Nothing but the blood of Jesus) Oh, precious is the flow That makes me white as snow No other fount I know Nothing but the blood of Jesus For my pardon this I see For my cleansing, this I plea Oh, precious is the flow . . . This is all my hope and peace This is all my righteousness Oh, precious is the flow . . . Nothing but the blood of Jesus (x3) Washed me white as snow
Spring Rain 04:13
Oh God, you are my God, and I will seek you I will seek you my God In a dry and weary land where there’s no water I will seek you my God My soul cries out for you My soul cries out for you Only you can satisfy my deep desire I will seek you my God Pouring out the living water of revival I will seek you my God My soul cries out for you . . . Let the spring rain fall from the sky Let the heavens open wide
Behold the Lion of Judah Jesus Christ has overcome For he left an empty grave behind The work of death undone Lift your eyes and see him standing Wounded Lamb who once was slain Who through suffering won the victory The Lion of our faith You are worthy of all honour You are worthy of all praise Overcoming King, forever you shall reign Behold the gathering of nations To the Lamb upon the throne Many tongues confessing with one voice Jesus Christ alone You are worthy . . .
At the centre of my life At the core that’s deep inside May my heart be yours forever, Lord With a passion that remains Though the times and seasons change May my heart be yours forever, Lord With all my heart, with all my soul With all my strength, I love you Lord With all my heart, with all my soul With all my strength, I love you As I think of all you are Gracious Father, my desire Is to do your perfect will, my God Overwhelmed that you first loved I am glad to count the cost Just to do your perfect will, my God With all my heart . . . So I’ll be your hands and feet Serve the poor and help the weak With my eyes on you, my great reward Give me strength to run this race Carry on and keep the faith With my eyes on you, my great reward With my eyes on you, my great reward With all my heart . . . When I come to the end Let the sum of all I am Be love for you my King When all things have been made new May my life be found in you And forever I will sing With all my heart . . .
Build a roof above your head When you see the clouds ahead Keep the wind and rain outside where they belong This could be your crowning glory That you built another ‘storey’ When it’s holding up, they’re sure to think you’re strong But there’s no keeping dry Oh there’s no keeping dry No there’s no keeping dry When it’s raining on the inside You can build yourself a fortress Build it in the lines on your face People like your stony weather-worn façade But they won’t know there’s a problem ‘Cause the drawbridge never opens Nothing’s getting in, and nothing’s coming out But there’s no keeping dry . . . Oh man, let it out Oh man, open up your mouth Oh man, just talk about it No doubt about it, you need to try Oh man, be strong Oh man, carry on Oh man, but it’s not wrong You’ll still be strong if you need to cry But there’s no keeping dry . . .


A huge thanks to everyone who supported this project on Kickstarter, without whom it literally could not have happened. Special mention goes to those who opted to support the project with a ‘Good Friend Pledge’: James, Jyothi, Maya, Luke and Nell Chapman, Julie & David Mahany, Ruth & Amarh Amartey, and Jason Fisher. Thanks also to the many other generous backers who gave over and above the pledge amounts but chose not to be credited in this way. You know who you are! Big love. Thanks also to Clare Herriot (clareherriot.co.uk) for shooting the original Kickstarter promo video for me, and making it look great.
Thanks to all those who have inspired me and walked with me over the years on my songwriting and musical journey including Jon Darby, Henry George, Chris Orange, Graham Kendrick, Joel Payne, Chris Juby, Mark Pierce, Dan Lank, Roger & Faith Forster, plus all the family at Ichthus Christian Fellowship.
Thanks to everyone credited overleaf for playing and singing on the album! Thanks to John Merriman at Crown Lane for making me feel really at home while I was tracking drums. Thanks also to Adrian and Barbara Todd who put me up for the night so I could easily get to Morden over the two days I spent there. Thanks to Andrew Boyle for lending me a snare drum and a couple of other things over that time too. Thanks also to Dan Moyler and Ian Mizen at JAX for the use of Dan’s studio for mixing.
A great deal more than can be rendered by a simple ‘thank you’ is owed to my wonderful wife, partner, other-half and team-member Laura who has always given way when I’ve needed time to work on these songs and recordings, champi- oning me along the way; being my chief sounding-board and at times, administrative assistant on the project; allowing our flat to become a recording studio at times, and for taking herself off to her parents’ house with our two-year-old so I could have the physical and mental space to mix the album; and apart from all that of course, for being an amazing wife and mum (and during this whole project, being pregnant with #2), who loves companionably, who understands considerately, who believes consistently.
What words are left that can be given in praise and thanks to God, from whom are all things and to whom are all things? I write songs because, as I once heard bishop Graham Cray put it, in songs we are attempting to say something that is ‘just beyond words’. The marriage of music and words enables us to more deeply encounter and reflect upon the truths stated in the words themselves, transcending mere logic by being lifted with the music into another realm. ‘Music is the language of the spirit’, others have said, in which case it is unsurprising that songs have become such a core part of the worshipping lifeofthechurch.Theymarrythe‘word’andthe‘spirit’,justasmanyChristiansbelievewithIrenaeusthatthe‘twohandsof God’ – God’s means of activity in the world – are the ‘Word’ (logos) and the Spirit, and that in some sense the two must be encountered together to enable us to touch God. Songs help us do so if indeed they are true in word and genuine in their musical spirit. That is what I have attempted in writing songs that both glorify God and are intended to help others worship, understand and know him more. The very act of writing songs of worship is itself an act of worship. If I were to give thanks it could only be by the means he has given me – and thus I can only point to the songs I have penned as the most adequate attempt at rendering thanks to God for all he’s done in my life: ‘All praise to the Father / All praise to the Son / And glory to the Spirit / God the three-in-one!’


released December 1, 2018

All songs written by Ben Trigg, except ‘To God Be The Glory’ written by Fanny J. Crosby & William Howard Doane, and ‘Nothing But The Blood Of Jesus’, written by Robert Lowry, arranged by Ben Trigg.
Recorded, edited and mixed by Ben Trigg at Beat ’n Track Studios and Daniel Moyler’s studio courtesy of JAX Management. Drums recorded at Crown Lane Studio, Morden (crownlanestudio.co.uk). Mastered by Nigel Palmer at Lowland Masters (lowlandmasters.com).
Drums, guitars, bass and keyboards plus vocals by Ben Trigg.
Accordion played by Sam Hawksley on ‘To God Be The Glory’ and ‘Dance Of Love’. Violin played by Louise Gibbens and Viola played by Amy Jane Hosken on ‘When Healing Hands Were Wounded’. Cello
played by James Douglas on ‘When Healing Hands Were Wounded’ and ‘Still Small Voice’. Additional backing group vocals (and a couple of ad libs) by Amy Jane Hosken, Becky Ackermann, Libby Wade and Louise Gibbens on ‘To God Be The Glory’, ‘When Healing Hands Were Wounded’, ‘Nothing But The Blood Of Jesus’ and ‘Spring Rain’. Artwork by Dan Lovell (danlovell.com).
For sheet music, song stories and more: bendavidtrigg.com


all rights reserved



Ben David Trigg London, UK

Songwriter Ben David Trigg leads worship with Ichthus Christian Fellowship in London. His songs reflect a heart for God which seeks to marry truth and beauty and help others to worship. Along with his own ministry, these songs have gone far and wide throughout the UK and into other nations. His greatest privilege has been co-writing 'Holy Overshadowing' with Graham Kendrick. ... more

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